Arthur has worked in the areas of Individual Leadership/Executive Development, Prehire Assessment, Team Building, Talent Management and Succession Planning since 1995. He held the position as Principal Consultant and Practice Leader in both Leadership Development and Prehire Assessment at Hagberg Consulting Group (HCG) from July 1995-April 2004, when he began his own company. Since 1995, he has worked individually with over 600 executives, mostly VP level and above. He has assessed, in a Prehire process, over 500 executives from CEO through Director level in a variety of different industries. He has developed knowledge of various industries and functions to better understand the workplace and its challenges for those individuals with whom he works. The combination of behavioral science, management experience, and industry knowledge allows him to be able to make seasoned insights that have impact Arthur has an avid interest and demonstrated expertise in the field of peak performance. He has worked extensively with highly driven amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes, and has consulted with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra on issues involving stress and stage fright management.

In the area of executive coaching, Arthur uses approaches in dealing with maximum performance, which originate in sports psychology. He helped the Coors Skydiving Team win the national and international eight-person skydiving titles in 1984. He also worked with the Loyola-Marymount NCAA basketball team when they were the highest scoring collegiate team in the nation during the 89-91 seasons.



Gary Richardson, M.S. (Org. Devp.)
Gary Richardson offers 30+ years experience in general line management, consulting, coaching, and training. His consulting practice is focused on working with senior leaders of corporations to help them construct a viable business strategy.

He is a seasoned trainer in group experiential learning: planning and problem-solving skills, performance management, effective communication, interpersonal skills, team development, organizational systems, leadership and motivation, culture issues, facilitation skills, outdoor challenges, and organization development. He is currently on the external faculty of NYU, Cornell University, and Cal State Sacramento. Gary is also a columnist for a bio-tech newsletter that has a distribution of 6,000 to select bio-tech and venture capital companies.

As a line manager, Gary has been responsible for running organizations of several hundred employees and budgets in excess of $48 million. Gary holds an MA in Management from Webster University in St. Louis.

Sheila J. Vaughn, Ph.D.
With thirty years experience in counseling and coaching, Dr. Vaughn brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and judgment to leadership development. She has been an adjunct instructor at the University of California, Irvine for 20 years with excellent teaching ratings by students and an energetic presentation style. Sheila has coached and facilitated extensively in a variety of topics on personal and leadership development, team building and conflict resolution.

Sheila has been transitioning her focus from traditional psychology to professional and business issues, where clients were challenged in developing leadership and communication skills. It was this experience that convinced Dr. Vaughn to move to a business setting where she could be more effective in providing behavioral feedback and leadership training.

Dr. Vaughn’s approach is to focus on the manager’s strengths and how to use them effectively while mitigating any problem areas. She, and her client, both work as a team to develop goals and to develop a specific plan for achieving those goals. She is able to draw on many years of experience to quickly assess what might be causing problems and give feedback on how to improve performance. She believes that when people improve their performance and are more effective at their jobs, everyone benefits.

David Mitchell, Ph.D.
David Mitchell, Ph.D. has been a corporate psychologist for many years. His wide-ranging experience has helped him in his work in leadership development – professor of psychology at Central Oklahoma State University, CEO of a software company which he developed and sold, as well as a land developer and home builder. He has worked with a number of companies as a consultant in the areas of leadership development, executive strength assessment, and development of training programs in various competencies.

His approach to leadership development uses his understanding of one's strengths and how those strengths may provide constraints as one's responsibilities increase.


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