Approach to Leadership Development

Some individuals know what they need to work on but do not have the “technology,” pathway, or process to change. Other individuals have “blind spots,” and do not have the awareness of what to change.

AR & Associates prefer to work with objective data to accurately hone a development plan for customized individual change. Understanding of both the individual and the company helps to align the goals of the individual with the strategic direction of the organization.

While many writers in the field discuss enhancing an individual’s competencies, AR & Associates has the expertise to help individuals not only build on their strengths, but to also change those behaviors which, if not altered, would continue to impact effectiveness.


Prehire Assesment

Why spend the money on a thorough assessment of a potential hire’s competencies?

Interviews alone are a poor selector of talent: Research shows that interviews alone are about 25% accurate in fitting an individual with a position, boss, team, and company culture. Interviews provide only a view of “role style,” an individual’s behavior when he or she is conscious on the impact. However, on the job, one is in “operating style” much more often, not conscious of the impact being made. AR & Associates pinpoints the individuals on the job, not interview behavior.

A poor hire is extremely costly: Depending upon the position, a poor hire can cost a few hundred thousand in direct costs. However, indirect costs may run hundreds of thousands to millions more depending upon the strategic decisions poorly made and poorly executed.

Doesn’t a search firm usually find qualified candidates?

Search firms usually do find good talent, but they don’t necessarily find good talent with “good fit.” The key is “the fit” with the position, boss, team, and company culture, not just good talent.

PreHire Assessment is like an insurance policy that helps to guarantee a good hire. With knowledge of the major players and the company culture, and an in-depth knowledge of the individual’s skill set, AR & Associates ensure a good hire for both the company and the candidate.

“Fit” is important both ways. Sixty-five percent of individuals, who initiate leaving a position, leave because they do not “get along with the boss.”


Executive Team Building

Executive teams often have difficulty working together as the team members have to balance their functional responsibilities with the good of the company as a whole.  Competition may exist for budgetary resources, visibility, and career opportunity.  

The work of the executive team is to consider the many competing factors that only converge at their level.

AR & Associates helps to unify strong teams by:

  • Understanding the strengths of each team member
  • Increasing the candor of their communication
  • Reducing team tension
  • Disclosing the biases that each brings to the decision-making process
  • Building trust in one another
  • Realizing the impact of the decisions that each function has upon the others
  • Keeping the focus on the “big picture”

Succession Planning

AR&Associates help companies develop a system to evaluate performance and enhance learning which:

•  Clarifies competencies

•  Evaluates individuals for performance and potential, and

•  Provides coaching and developmental opportunities

Why is succession planning important?

When a CEO leaves an organization, for example, a company will typically bring in an outsider with great expectations, only to see him/her leave, having failed to achieve those expectations. If organizations have so much trouble at the top, it’s no wonder they are having even more trouble one or two leadership levels down.

Companies need good leaders at all levels. The only way to ensure this is to create a process which systematically builds bench strength.

AR&Associates helps each company develop a customized, company specific performance management process which clarifies what each individual needs to accomplish to be eligible to move to the next level.


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